Glasgow & more…

A summary of the past four days…
Sept 29th made it to Kendal. While going down hill a car moved to the left leaving me with no choice other than moving to the walkway. I jumped the curb but with the weight at the back tire hit the curb. I heard a ‘clonk clonk’ noise thinking it was a flat. After inspection the back rim was bended and was rubbing against the brakes. I removed the brakes considering that there were no easy way to fix the problem. I got out of Kendal and after 10km realized I had gone the wrong way. Even more frustrating was that it was really hilly area. So I biked back 10km and blamed it on the gps, the rim acccident and my stupidity for not realizing the sun had changed side (I was going south instead of north).

I camped somewhere in the lake district area. 


Next day was going through lake district. It was very nice and I had one of the nicest descents on a bike.
I reached Carlisle in the afternoon and from Carlisle to Glasgow major part of it was a very nice bike path. So I thought I could bike until 10pm and meet Alyas. After getting in touch with him we concluded we would meet the next day. I biked quite late but did not make it to Glasgow.
I camped along the highway and train tracks…. I managed to sleep no problem 🙂

The next I biked through Glasgow. Glasgow was a bit of an ‘Irkutsk’ (Damien C. will know what I mean 🙂 … the last major city and full sails to the finish line.

I met Alyas somewhere along Loch Lomond lake late at night.

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  1. Kefah says:

    Bravo, you are now in God’s land, enjoy!