This is England !

Little ref for moviegoers ! 🙂

Yesterday was Birginham and its people from all over the world. I knew I was very short on cash with the £20 bill so after securing batteries for the gps and bread I bought one pound of prunes for £1 from a farmer. Good deal ! He asked me where I was going with my bike. When I told him I was going north to Scotland, he told me he had never been but would like too. Hope he gets there one day ! It just feels like a strange world when I can come in a foreign country and travel to areas where the locals have or will never go…

Again in the spirit of scarcity I stopped at a fish & chips place and bought a very large chips for lunch.

Later on I saw a clementine on the ground, which must have fallen from someone’s grocery bag so I picked it up !

This morning I took a mini cereal box from the breakfast buffet a the hotel for tomorrow morning.

I started earlier, around 9.30 am and was going along a canal for a bit but I think it was a big slow down. Not only you have to slow down when going under bridges if other bikers are coming the other way, but sometimes you have to switch side by going up some steep hills. As well part of the path was very bumpy as said earlier and out of hills… mountains… flat…. this part was the toughest so far. I thought it was never going to end. It took me a long time to find a connection to an alternate road.

It was a nice and sunny day. Fairly mild even though this morning was quite cold, just like tonight. I had to go in the sleeping bag to keep warm.
I had lunch by a lock. The clementine was very good no problem !

I am currently camping somewhere between Abram and Golborne. Covered 150km from this morning. I stopped earlier because there are lots of cities around and it’s hard to find proper camp spot.



I am getting better at this self shot with phone thing ! 🙂

So far :
Lots more apple in England than I thought of !
Lots of ‘clean energy’ company cars but spewing all sorts of gases from the exhaust !
Lots of ‘bike signs’…. the British seem to be proud of their bike signs bust most of the bike paths I have seen are to be shared with pedestrians … on walkways ! But at least the intent is there !
Lots of young girls with kids … or kind elder sisters taking their siblings out with the boyfriend … or is it me just getting old 🙂
Lots of very nice people even though when driving there is a tendency to not move to the other lane. To be noted that so far I was horned at only once even when I did not have any other choice than being on a double lane road. The little 10km section I did in France felt like I was Satan driving on french roads…
Lots of CCTV cameras… this was a known fact bjt is now confirmed !
Lots of paper work…. It feels a bit insulting to fill a form each time I was checking in a hotel. It’s a foreign citizen form to say where you going next …

Overalls lots of nice people so far !

Going to try to go to sleep earlier tonight ! 🙂

Looking forwrad to see Alyas again ! Biking all day to the north can feel a bit lonely ! 🙂


: I can’t have proper pics uploaded because first of all since Bristol nothing spectacular and second if i want to post a pic i have to turn on the phone take a pic and turn it off to save batteries. I cannot send pics with my regular camera to the phone. I took an old waterproof camera and there are cons ! 🙂

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6 Responses to This is England !

  1. Kefah says:

    Great blog Sorouche. Am sitting in my flat with Michele sipping at a glass of Saint Estephe red wine, you introduced me to this one. I can only think that I wish I could hand you a glass and may be some crisps and Iranian pistacheos which I know you like very much. Your blog made me smile. Take care and keep on going, you make us all proud.

  2. Kefah says:

    Cornwell postcard arrived. It is sitting on a table in my sitting room alongside the Corsica one. Thanx

  3. Joe says:

    I like the updates.
    Some good selfie pictures of you, you’re certainly improving at taking pictures.
    Good luck man.

  4. Gaj says:

    20 pounds would be enough for a chocolate bar or something in Britain. Is it not the case these days.

    Nice going chief.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is it trip?publicity stunt?or advertisement of ?

  6. Sorouche says:

    Joe and Kefah thanks !
    Gaj you actually can buy lots of greasy and sugary food for £20. When biking all day long it’s not bad… 🙂
    Anonymous, it’s a life scale publicity for the UK, requested by the queen of england ! Mind you MSR joined as well ! Are you part of the ‘Anonymous’ hacking group… ? 🙂