Respect !

Respect to brother Alyas !

It was very nice biking with him ! Great life memories without a doubt !

Biked from Exeter to Bristol to meet Alays.


Just before getting to Bristol. Bristol is behind the hills in the background.

Next day was from Bristol to Gloucester but passed by Wales. It was a rainy day and I ended up in some trails in the forest. Rainy day became mudy day. Made it to Gloucester where I realized my bank card had reached the weekly limit abroad. I used the alternate card in the gears i left with Alyas to book a hotel.
I have 20£ until monday !
This morning i realized I had lost my gloves. Tried to look for it so ended up leaving past 10am Gloucester.
Today I am in Walsall, past Birginham.
Past Gloucester landscape has flatten out but clearly so far Alyas saw the best ! Getting in and out of cities is a major problem … lots of time wasted !

Limited time = limited post !
Have to wake up tomorrow early to put on some kilometers !

Much respect again to Alyas !

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One Response to Respect !

  1. Kefah says:

    Great to hear that you are on your way and making good progress despite the little problems en route. Whenever you are wet and cold in the middle of nowhere just think of those nice cups of coffee you will get when back in Paris! Keep up the good work and best of luck.