The Exit at Exeter

Lands End
Praze an Beeble
Four Lanes
St Austell
….And Exeter

Sadly, Crossing through the rolling hills of Cornwall has taken its toll on an unprepared set of knees.
Sorouche has been amazing and has always stayed to my pace even though he could progress much faster.
Old knee injuries, (and perhaps some new ones) have appeared and I’m unable to continue cycling… Hence I was forced to make an exit at Exeter.

However, the trip is not over. I accompanied him to Bristol, offloaded any bulky and unnecessary gear and will continue to support him via various rendezvous points along the trip.

Currently I’m en route to London while Sorouche makes his way up the East side of Wales. I will meet up with him after this leg.

Cornwall was unbelievably scenic. While climbing up the hills in Dartmoor there were tons of goats and sheep all sitting on the shoulders off the road, watching you as you made the ascent.
They were almost like those people at the edges of a Marathon route except they weren’t cheering you on, holding up motivational signs, or holding out paper cups filled with water…
They just watched… and judged you…in silence…

Dartmoor was intense cycling but the views of the valleys and peaks made it worthwhile. It was tough, and it hurt, but I’d do it again for sure…maybe with less gear on my bike and more hill training.

I’ll continue to post and also be updating on Sourouche’s status.


Sorouche riding up Dartmoor hills.

The rest after the hills. I’m sure Scotland would have made this look easy.

I should have traded in my bike for one of the scooters in this shop.

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5 Responses to The Exit at Exeter

  1. Matt says:

    I wandered lonely as a cloud
    That floats on high o’er vales and hills,

  2. Matt says:

    And then there was one.
    Bon courage Sorouche for your long journey ahead, hopefully you managed to eat enough Cornish pasties to give you lots of energy!

    I may be in the UK in the next week, if so I will give you a call to see how you are getting on.

    Good luck with the hills in Wales.

  3. Kefah says:

    An the lonely rider marches on:

    I’m on my way million miles from home
    I’m on the run don’t know where to go
    Who knows where I’ll be tomorrow
    I have had too many sorrows
    Will all the dreams that I’ve lost
    Coming back and who can I trust
    I will go home sooner or later
    To write my live on a piece of paper

    I’m a lonely rider
    Coming home to you, alright

    Now I’m here and now I’m there
    I take the risk but I don’t take care
    A hell-raiser who broke the rules
    Don’t need a gun I take other tools
    All you girls and all you boys
    Listen to my fuckin’ voice
    Write my live on a piece of paper
    The story of a lawbreaker

    I’m a lonely rider
    Coming home to you
    I’m a lonely rider
    I’m coming home, coming home to you

    He won’t stop he’s a rider
    Don’t give it up he’s a fighter
    Don’t you come back lonely rider
    Won’t you go back lonely rider

    Let me walk the only way
    Don’t tell me that I have to stay
    I waste my time too many lies
    Therefore I have paid the price
    Why don’t you listen to my story
    I’m a lonely rider but I ain’t worried
    At one of these days today or later
    I’ll write my life on a piece of paper

  4. Ahsan says:

    I was very interested in pursuing this sort of trip a few years from now.. I still am however I now realize you have to be in peak physical performance for such a venture..

    Those scenic routes, endless skies and rolling hills would be wonderful to see… Perhaps I will venture through Canada before setting my sights on the UK…

    Sarouche all the best on this journey and to Alyas and yourself keep the posts coming with plenty of photos…

    Details, details, details + photos photos photos and maybe a video if possible…

  5. Sorouche says:

    Thanks Matt & Kefah
    We will try to have a few stuff up.
    No need to be in peak physical … more adapt ot to your capabilities.
    I do admit however that the part Alyas biked required several factors to make it possible to go through with gears (tent, sleeping bag…)
    Anyway there will be a reverenge version somewhere else maybe ! You could join ! 😉