Started from the bottom. Forgot this one…

This is where we started. You’d think we’d have put the one up first. But in between the spotty internet, lack of inns and rural camping we’ve done, our internet access has been pretty sparse!



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5 Responses to Started from the bottom. Forgot this one…

  1. Kefah says:

    So far so good but where are you now?

  2. Lee says:

    So where are you guys now?

  3. Ahsan says:

    When I spoke to Alyas today, he said the boys were in Bristol UK… The climbs have been insane… He said that cornwall was like biking up the swiss alps for 6 hours….

  4. Alyas says:

    It felt like the alps for me anyway… The biggest hills are yet to come, but Cornwall is known for being very hilly and tough.
    Updates coming soon.

  5. Kefah says:

    Oh boy, wait until you get to the promised land (aka Scotland)!